Blazingly fast discovery responses you won’t have to redline.

Briefpoint's AI algorithms are specifically trained to eliminate your routine drafting tasks so you can focus on more strategic work - or just make it home for dinner.

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Briefpoint Uses AI to Draft Discovery Response Documents

Respond to discovery in minutes – not hours

Reduce errors with firmwide standardization

You already know how to use it

Respond to discovery in minutes – not hours

Meaningful Results, in 3 Simple Steps

Meaningful Results

3 Simple Steps:

Step 1

Upload your discovery request

Drag-and-drop opposing counsel’s discovery request onto Briefpoint and our AI will automatically:

1. Draft a completed caption page,

2. Add your preliminary statement with parties defined, and

3. Insert all your opponent’s requests/interrogatories.


Step 2

Add your objections and responses

Briefpoint gives you the power to add your objections and responses to each request or interrogatory by simply selecting your objections and/or responses from a fully-customizable menu of options.

Step 3

Open in Word, sign, and serve!


Add Value – Not Busywork

By automatically drafting the routine parts of your documents, you can focus on drafting the bespoke parts of your document – i.e., the parts that actually make a difference.

Amplify Your Support Staff

Nobody wants to pay overtime—Briefpoint reduces non-billable work your support staff would otherwise spend all night doing.

24/7 Support

Message our support staff with our issue and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours – guaranteed. 

Designed for litigators who demand perfection.

We built Briefpoint from the ground up to make your practice delightful. Briefpoint is accurate, blazingly fast, and powered by pre-trained machine learning algorithms designed to take hours of tedious work off your plate. 

Special interrogatories, requests for admission, requests for production, notice of depositions – Briefpoint handles it all so you’ll never need to worry about burning hours on discovery responses again. 

Top of the line security,

litigator-tested compliance.

Protect your work product with data encryption, robust infrastructure, and rigorous testing. Maintain compliance with  BAAs, user management, and company policies.

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