Frequently Asked Questions

What is Briefpoint?

Litigators all over the U.S. use Briefpoint’s AI to prepare discovery response and request documents within minutes of creating an account. Testing Briefpoint is free – find out why over 900 litigators trusted Briefpoint to generate over 14,000 documents by going to and scheduling a demo. 

Why use Briefpoint?

It’s usable by attorneys of all technical abilities and can cut the amount of non-billable time your team spends on discovery responses in half. Further, by automating the “meat and potatoes” of your litigation documents, Briefpoint gives you more time to draft the parts of your documents that actually make a difference.

How do I use Briefpoint?

1) Upload your document.

2) Select how you’d like to respond.

3) Add your work product.

4) Open in Word.

What types of cases work with Briefpoint?

Civil cases that use discovery. 

What jurisdictions work with Briefpoint?

Briefpoint works in every U.S. state and D.C.

What documents can you upload to Briefpoint?

Currently, Briefpoint supports these documents:

1) Requests for Admission

2) Requests for Production

3) Interrogatories

Do I need to do anything to the documents to make sure they’re uploading?

Make sure that your documents are in .pdf format and start with the caption page.

What security measures does Briefpoint have in place?

1) In-Transit and At-Rest Encryption:  Briefpoint applies in-transit and at-rest encryption using industry best practices (such as HTTPS and TLS) to ensure all data is transmitted securely. 

2) Automatic Backups and Redundant Servers:  Briefpoint performs regular, automatic backups in combination with the use of geo-redundancy to ensure infrastructure integrity.

3) Secure Development Practices:  Briefpoint demands high internal standards for code quality, implements mandatory code reviews, and conducts regular internal security consultations on all technical decisions.

4) Payment Security:  Briefpoint processes all payments through Stripe, one of the world’s leading payment providers. Your firm’s payment information is never stored or transmitted to Briefpoint and is protected by Stripe’s industry leading security practices.

5) Login Security:  Briefpoint leverages Microsoft Azure as our identity management solution so that, whether you’re logging in with your existing Office 365 or GSuite account – or creating a password-protected account specifically for Briefpoint – your account information is protected by Microsoft’s industry leading security standards and malicious access prevention procedures. 

Can non-attorneys use Briefpoint?

Briefpoint is intended to be used by licensed attorneys.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to your profile and selecting “Account” -> “Cancel Subscription.” The remainder of your current billing cycle will run to its end and will not automatically renew. You can use Briefpoint for the remainder of your active billing cycle. There are no fees associated with canceling your subscription. 

My documents aren’t uploading—how can I fix this?

Try uploading the document again. If that doesn’t work, check the document. Some documents will not work with Briefpoint’s AI due to unfamiliar formatting.

My documents still aren’t uploading—how can I fix this?

Whenever a document fails or an error occurs, please report the error using our feedback panel on the website or email

Two of my discovery requests were combined—how can I fix this?

Click “View/Edit All”, add a new request, and paste the second of the combined requests into the new request.

Can I change the font of my download documents?

All fonts and formatting can be configured when you open your document in Word.

What cloud platform is Briefpoint built on?

Briefpoint has partnered with Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform to provide scaling and security to meet any demand, ensuring you and your firm’s documents are processed quickly and securely.

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