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What is Briefpoint?

Briefpoint is a platform that takes your opposing counsels’ discovery request .pdfs and uses AI to rapidly draft response documents using your work product. View all documents that Briefpoint automates the construction of

What Documents Can You Upload to Briefpoint? (View All & Download)

Currently, Briefpoint supports the following California documents:

1) Requests for Admission

2) Requests for Production

3) Special Interrogatories

4) Form Interrogatories DISC-001, General – Download

5) Form Interrogatories DISC-002, Employment – Download

6) Form Interrogatories DISC-003/UD-106, Unlawful Detainer – Download

7) Form Interrogatories DISC-004, Limited Civil – Download

8) Form Interrogatories DISC-005, Construction – Download

9) Form Interrogatories FL-145, Family Law – Download

10) Deposition Subpoena for Production of Business Records SUBP-010 – Download

11) Notice of Depositions with Requests for Production Attached

Simple Process, Meaningful Results

Step 1

Upload your discovery request

Briefpoint’s machine-learning, AI system will immediately begin scanning and extracting as much information as it can from your document, including:

•  Court name (thereby applying local formatting rules)

•  Case Number

•  Parties

•  Request Type (i.e., RFA, RFP, Interrogatory, or Form Interrogatory)

•  Set Number, and much more.

Step 2

Add your objections and responses to your response

By this time, our AI system will have already created a caption and started filling out some of the more routine data within your brief, including the requests or interrogatories. From here, you can add your objections to each request or interrogatory by clicking which objections you would like to lodge.

Step 3

Open in Word

At any time during the process, you are free to download your document and open it in Word to finish what’s left. You’ll get a properly formatted, mostly-completed brief right on your computer for you to finish (or even file)!

This is a no brainer.

“I don’t know why every litigator wouldn’t want this”.

Trevor Zink, Omni Law Group

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