New Feature: Filter Content By Document and/or Case Type

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New Feature: Filter Content by Case and Document Type

In the ever-evolving world of litigation, efficiency and accuracy are crucial for success. Legal professionals understand the importance of having quick access to relevant information. As a leading provider of innovative legal solutions, Briefpoint is proud to announce its latest feature update – the ability to filter objections and responses by document and case type. This groundbreaking tool ensures that litigators can swiftly locate pertinent work product while drafting discovery responses, saving valuable time and promoting standardization across all cases within an organization.

  1. Time-saving: With a vast database of objections and responses at their disposal, litigators often find themselves sifting through massive amounts of information to find what they need. Briefpoint’s new case type filter eliminates the need for tedious and time-consuming searches, streamlining the process and allowing legal professionals to focus on their primary task – crafting compelling arguments for their clients.
  2. Standardization: Large organizations often struggle to maintain uniformity in their responses across cases. With the new case type filter, organizations can easily input their history of responses, ensuring that all team members have access to consistent information. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Case Type Filter Feature  

  1. Accessing the Feature: To begin using the case type filter, log in to your Briefpoint account and navigate to your Library’s discovery response drafting section.
  2. Selecting the Case Type: Choose your content and locate the case type dropdown menu located near the top of the page. Click on the menu and choose the appropriate case type from the list provided. 
  3. Drafting Responses: With the relevant objections and responses now labeled, you can begin drafting your discovery responses with ease. Select the desired case type from the Edit Case page and now the content that you similarly tagged is surfaced right where you respond. The seamless integration of the case type filter allows for a smooth drafting process without the need to switch between screens or search for additional information. 
Briefpoint’s new case type filter feature is a game-changer for litigators, streamlining the discovery response process and promoting consistency within legal teams. By providing easy access to relevant objections and responses, this feature saves time and allows litigators to focus on what truly matters – winning cases for their clients. With Briefpoint’s commitment to innovation and constant improvement, we look forward to seeing how this new feature will revolutionize the way legal professionals work and achieve success in the courtroom.
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