Document Automation For Lawyers (2024 Step-By-Step Guide)

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Document Automation For Lawyers (2024 Step-By-Step Guide)

As AI continues to play an increasingly vital role across all business verticals, law firms, and litigation attorneys across the country are naturally looking for ways to tap into its potential. Document automation for lawyers is one of the standout candidates, especially in relation to the Discovery Response process.

Whether representing a plaintiff or defendant, the discovery process is an essential part of the pre-trial legal procedure. Briefpoint is a dedicated tool designed specifically with document automation for lawyers in mind and will transform your approach to business forever. Here’s why it is the smartest investment you could ever make heading into 2024 and beyond.

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What Is Automated Discovery Response?

As a successful law firm or litigation attorney, you will already be familiar with the discovery process and its purpose of enabling the two teams (defendant and plaintiff) to request and exchange information in a legally sound manner.

Your formal reply to this request is the discovery response and you will have three potential responses;

  • Comply – if the request is fair and relevant, you can accept it and supply the information that you’ve been asked for.

  • Object – when the other party asks for information that may not be relevant to the course, you can decide to object on behalf of your client.

  • Ignore – you can also decide to ignore the request until the other party obtains a court order for you to release the information.

For many years, law firms and attorneys had no choice but to complete either discovery responses through manual methods. However, thanks to Briefpoint, this process can now be streamlined through a combination of AI-supported procedures and document automation.

The platform can take an opposing counsel’s PDF discovery requests and transform them into professional discovery responses in next to no time. Once inside the dashboard, you simply upload the PDF, and the powerful tool will organize and list each request.

From there, you can select your objections and responses before asking the software to create a Word document, which can be edited and signed before being sent back to the opposing counsel or your CMS (case management system).

Test Briefpoint yourself by scheduling a demo here.

The Benefits Of Document Automation For Lawyers

Understanding the basics of what AI and document automation for lawyers can do is one thing. However, it can be difficult to take the leap of faith or change your approach to legal matters until you truly see the benefits. Here’s why Briefpoint is the perfect solution for attorneys and law firms.

1. AI-Supported Discover Responses Save Time

The most obvious reason for using AI and automation in any aspect of life is to save time. Briefpoint AI’s ability to read the opposing counsel’s PDF before listing each request translates to time savings. Meanwhile, Word document generation occurs in seconds whereas this could manually take you hours. Average time savings per document are 87%.

Every minute saved on this admin allows you to focus on building your client’s case rather than supplying info for the other party. It could additionally enable you to take on a higher number of cases each month, which translates to increased revenue opportunities.

2. AI-Driven Discovery Responses Save Money

Time is money, so the benefits of saving time will translate to financial benefits. The Rainmaker $89 per month package is statistically shown to save attorneys $91 per discovery set. Meanwhile, there are no hidden fees like implementation costs and you won’t need to worry about expensive training. Any attorney with basic IT proficiency can use the software.

The financial savings are further supported by the fact you’ll have unlimited uploads, downloads, and documents. From a financial perspective alone, discovery response document automation for lawyers is the ultimate addition.

3. It Removes The Reliance On Outside Counsel

Given the time and money often dedicated to traditional discovery response protocols, many law firms use outside counsels. If they aren’t using Briefpoint themselves, they’re probably billing you for a lot of hours. The switch to AI-supported discovery response allows you to break free from the reliance of an external party while also putting you in full control.

Internal approaches become more accessible and less time-consuming. In most cases and territories, you are obligated to respond to requests within 30 days. When matters are taken care of internally, you remove the threat of missing this due to your external counsel.

4. Document Automation For Lawyers Stops Human Error

Whether you currently handle matters internally or through an outside counsel, the manual approach always leaves the door open to the risk of human error. For example, a particular request may be overlooked or you may provide information that you could have rejected on the grounds of it being irrelevant to the case.

With discovery response document automation for lawyers software at your disposal, everything from the content to the layout of the generated documents will be right. It also supports accurate spelling and grammar, which allows you to maintain professionalism.

5. Every Document Is Standardized

When sending a discovery response to the opposing counsel via your CMS or other channels, it must meet all expectations. Moreover, it should look professional. The use of document automation for lawyers enables you to create a template that can be used for all future responses, incorporating elements like your logo and digital signature.

Aside from satisfying legal obligations, it makes it easier for you and your client to go over the document if ever needed. This enables you to understand what information was requested, what was provided, and why any requests were denied.

6. Get Automated Help When Needed

Most people who use Briefpoint AI will address the list of requests themselves. However, you can click a button from the dashboard that lets the AI make suggestions on the appropriate action for each request. The generated Word document can show automated responses to provide details of why you have rejected a request. Try the free trial to see the dashboard.

The automated suggestions can all be edited where applicable. So, you can easily overturn a suggestion or add further information to a rejected request within your response. Again, you will be able to complete the entire process within minutes rather than hours.

7. Use It For All Case Types

Before implementing any new procedure or tech features, you need to know that they are relevant to your business. Discovery requests and responses may be required across an extensive range of cases including family law, personal injury claims, and any other case where two parties are trying to prove their version of events or reach a desired outcome.

Whichever niche your law firm operates in, document automation for lawyers through Briefpoint AI will deliver great results regardless of which state you work in. Furthermore, the AI-driven tools are suitable for attorneys who take on cases in multiple fields of law.

8. Comply With Data Privacy Regulations

Data privacy isn’t only vital for attorneys. Data breaches in the U.S. quadrupled over a decade starting from 2012. When working with the sensitive data associated with clients and their opposition, you simply cannot afford to fall victim. In addition to providing an efficient and convenient solution, Briefpoint AI is highly secure.

After all, the document automation for lawyers software is a cloud-based package. This comes with extra layers of protection. On a side note, it means that people with the right credentials (you and your team) can access cases and documents from multiple devices.

9. Briefpoint Supports Propounding Discovery Too

While efficient discovery response protocols are vital for meeting legal obligations and staying organized, you must not forget that there is a two-way exchange of information between the parties. Regardless of which side you represent, it may be necessary to request information to help build the case. The formal process is known as propounding discovery.

As with responses, AI-powered propounding discovery requests can be completed via standardized templates and automated document generation that can then be added to your CMS or officially submitted. The process could not be straightforward.

10. It Gives You Confidence In Business

Every practicing law firm knows that it is a highly competitive arena. The leading 100 U.S. legal firms generate $130.8bn but your company can only generate revenue if it attracts clients. To maintain the reputation required to keep winning contracts over your competitors, you must be prepared to evolve. This is especially true concerning technology.

When you do, though, it can be the catalyst for added self-assurance. After all, in addition to the direct benefits of document automation and AI-supported discovery responses, you will be free to provide the best comprehensive services to all clients.


Given that discovery response is a procedure that primarily supports the opposition, it’s quite understandable that this assignment won’t be at the forefront of your thinking. In reality, though, it’s in the best interest of your client as well as the other party to get this under control.

How Briefpoint Can Help

Discovery responses cost firms $23,240, per year, per attorney. $23,240 estimate assumes an associate attorney salary of $150,000 (including benefits – or $83 an hour), 20 cases per year/per associate, 4 discovery sets per case, 30 questions per set, 3.5 hours spent responding to each set, and 1800 hours of billable hours per year.

Under these assumptions, you save $20,477 using Briefpoint, per year, per attorney.

Test Briefpoint yourself by scheduling a demo here.

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